Capturing life’s experiences has never been easier with smartphones and action cameras. But although millions of hours of video are shot every day, the average person doesn’t have the time or tools to edit it, so most of that footage never sees the light of day. Graava can interpret the most exciting and dramatic moments of a video recording and automatically edit out the boring stuff, leaving you with only the best of the best.

The device monitors activity using an image sensor, microphone, accelerometer, GPS, and a heart monitor. When it detects images moving across its field of vision, changes in sound and speed, or the quickening of the user’s heart, Graava registers the activity as important and assigns it a hierarchy based on the level of sensorial input. A sudden deceleration or a vertical jump, a loud sound, or the pounding heart of the user are typed as “events” that the camera’s software can use to automatically edit out “uneventful” footage. And because Graava geo-locates, videos become digital journals of the user’s most compelling experiences.


Graava approached MATTER to design both the camera and the app interface. Our start-up friendly model enabled Graava to move quickly and envision the product in time for investor meetings, crowd-sourced funding, and negotiations with manufacturers. Graava’s elegant design lacks the gadgetry-ness of other high-tech devices (including its closest competitor, GoPro), so it looks just as good on a mountain adventure as it does in a baby’s nursery. The interface is simple and intuitive, based on the design team’s insights into how the human brain forms memories.

For more on Graava watch the movie.


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