Quick: Your house is on fire and you have a few seconds to get out safely. What do you take? Apart from children and animals, most of us would grab family heirlooms including photos.

The wife of Alan Chan, the founder and CEO of Joy, was devastated when her family photos were destroyed in a fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but for Alan, it marked the beginning of solving a problem and fulfilling a wish. Today, everyone is a photographer. However, we keep all of our videos and photo’s scattered across devices and sites. We don’t know what we have nor do we have time to organize it. Those moments get lost and the experiences forgotten. How we share it, on social media and in emails, is also disconnected and transient. Alan missed the “old school” tradition of being able to gather around a photo album and convey the story that went with the images. Wasn’t there a way to go to one single location and share them more personally?


MATTER’s reputation for developing iconic, memorable products as a means to raise seed funding for start-ups led Alan to engage us to realize his vision and start his company. With the Joy Interactive Photo Album, people can easily and securely consolidate all photos and videos on the cloud by seamlessly importing photos/videos from Flickr, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos as well as their own camera. The content is then available to access, curate and share privately with friends and family. Oh, and there’s no storage limit to the amount of content that can be stored and shown…and the album has built-in speakers for video playback and a real-time story telling feature. If two people with the device are in separate locations, they can call each other and view photos in unison. And if your friends and family don’t have the album? Not a problem. They don’t need it to enjoy the benefits; they can use the free mobile app or the on-line site to view them.

This work along with design assistance for the supporting pitch materials resulted in Joy successfully receiving $2.5 million in seed funding, allowing for the team to take the album to production.



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