Just like us, our pets need the right food, at the right time, and in healthy amounts to stay happy and fit. But unfortunately, most pet owners aren’t sure how to give them what they need. For owners like these, there’s Obe: an intelligent dog food bowl that helps pets lose weight. It connects via Wi-Fi to a smartphone app that allows pet owners to monitor or adjust their dog’s eating habits over time. Hillary Jensen, dog lover and founder of Obe, approached MATTER to design the bowl, the on-product interface, the app and the product branding in advance of its launch on Kickstarter.


The result was the ProBowl, which connects via Wi-Fi to a smartphone app that allows you to monitor or adjust your dog’s eating over time. Its integrated scale weighs the food or water you pour into it, and if you over-pour a serving, or if another family member accidentally feeds the dog again, the bowl will alert you by turning red. The app can also automatically calculate how much to feed your pet based on their breed, age, and gender, just by scanning the barcode of your preferred pet food. Once it learns your usual feeding times, it can send you push notifications and portion reminders, helping you to reconfigure your pet’s meals gradually. For added convenience, you can even re-order your pet food through the app prior to running out.

Matter’s product design and app received the 2016 Red Dot Product Design Award and were featured in a FastCompany article in November 2015. The ProBowl is scheduled for release in Spring 2017.



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