Most smart-watches have all the appeal of a wrist calculator: awkward and boxy, with tiny buttons and overly complex interfaces. Samsung saw an opportunity to create a more beautiful and useful smart-watch, so they approached MATTER to help them explore concepts.

We started by thinking about all the aspects of modern life that a smart watch could make easier: unlocking your home, office or car; making purchases; making calls, sending texts, and writing emails; pinpointing your location with GPS; and more. We researched the intended users and use cases to figure out how a smart watch could accomplish all this while integrating seamlessly into the user’s life. Once we had a good idea how to do that, we designed the user interface, physical watch, and some of the mini-applications that let the user activate and configure certain features to their needs. The project culminated in the physical design of the hardware, UI design and motion studies and a 5-minute video that demonstrated the use cases.


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