When the only dermatologist recommended and #1 light-based consumer beauty treatment company wanted to take their product to the next level for a new brand launch, they turned to MATTER to help.

Tria Beauty, Inc., renowned for making clinically proven skincare technology available for home use, wanted to launch a new skincare brand , Positively Clean, aimed at expanding their reach to teenagers and millennials. Because this youthful target market is very tech savvy and sophisticated, MATTER suggested that the two teams collaborate on a design forward product to embody Tria’s new and innovative solution to managing this audience’s skin challenges.


Tria wanted to infuse the successful elements from their existing products into this new solution but did not want to over design or create a fussy product. MATTER, as an expert working with ODM’s (Original Design Manufacturers), collaborated early on with the manufacturing engineers to conduct a material discovery, the technical “must haves”, the constraints, and the “keep out” zones to mitigate any potential pitfalls.

The design language was then defined, followed by an extensive ergonomic study producing 9 models that explored the optimal positions and angles for holding, for getting into tighter spaces, proper ventilation, the on/off button as well as ports. Questions like, “Where did the product need to live?” and “What did it do when you weren’t using it?” were addressed. The Positively Clear product featured a sleek new curved design, compact size, that made it very simple to use and an easy travel companion. It’s highlights include that its self-charging, portable, features single-button operation with a beep to prompt you to move on to the next area and a light to indicate battery level.



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